Uniquebureau is one of the largest contractor of micro piling in Saudi Arabia. We are involved in highly advanced ground engineering Geo-technical construction services specialize in design and construction of Mini Piling, Pressure Grouting, Earth Retention, Structural stabilization services involved in a wide range of projects however it is complex projects In any sector from major infrastructure projects to residential and commercial construction, we offer a range of solutions with in-depth expertise supported by in-house technical and design skills. which can offer solutions for highly challenging atmospheres such as congested sites requiring retrofit or underpinning, to very isolated sites to avid disturbance due to noise and vibration.

We have a strong cultural belief in working safely and protecting the environment which underpins our third party accredited quality management systems. Quality is all about what the client expects. To meet and exceed those expectations, we apply the professional engineering and management standards of a major contractor but with an approachable, dynamic and flexible culture that adapts to the diverse requirements of individual clients and projects.


Simply defined, UNIQUEBUREA micropiles are high performance, high capacity, small diameter (50mm to 300mm) – drilled and grouted in-place piles – designed with a centrally placed steel reinforcing member consisting of single (or multiple bars), used to take compression and tension loading. They can be installed with relatively small drilling equipment, as single piles or in pile groups, in those areas of limited access or restricted headroom and with minimal impact to existing surrounding structures.

Micro Piling in Saudi Arabia
Micro Piling in Saudi Arabia
Micro Piling in Saudi Arabia


Our expert team, combined with our diverse selection of core drilling system, offer superior coring service and a wide range of solutions in various applications to meet a variety of project requirements. Our team of professionals works to understand your project objectives and the ground and site conditions so we deliver the best solution for the job.

Core drilling techniques are used when precise, circular cuts are needed in concrete. Holes of almost any diameter are easily drilled to make openings in the concrete for plumbing, electrical and HVAC installations. Core drilling is also commonly used to create holes for routing cables or placing anchoring bolts, installing load carrying devices like dowel bars, or for analysis of structures or rock s. The core drill can either be hand-held or mounted to the surface that will be drilled. The core drill can be used on concrete and many other surfaces. Core drills can be operated in any orientation — on the ground or floor, on a wall, in a ceiling, etc. Holes can be drilled almost any size ranging from 3/8” to in excess of 60” in diameter and virtually any depth with tube and shaft extensions available.


We Supply and Install following Anchoring components across Saudi Arabia.

Injectable Adhesive Anchors
Capsule Adhesive Anchors
Anchoring Rods & Elements
Expansion Anchors
Screw Anchors
Flush Anchors
Undercut Anchors
Other Metal Anchors
Plastic Anchors
Insulation Anchors
Cast-In Anchors